We’ve said this in posts before, but Rep. Eric Swalwell really has this tough guy act going on Twitter and no one buys it. Here’s a guy who had the ego to think he could win the Democratic primary and be elected president in 2020, and now he’s trolling people on Twitter as if that’s going to get him anywhere.

In any case, lawyer Will Chamberlin took a guess at who was most likely to have leaked the Supreme Court’s decision draft on Roe v. Wade. As we mentioned in another post, the justices rarely print anything, and when they do, it gets shredded and put in the burn bag. A whole lot of protocols had to have been broken for this document to get out; it didn’t just “leak.”

But if you didn’t know who Chamberlin was speculating about, you would after Swalwell decided to retweet her LinkedIn profile with his threat.

It’s a long thread, but the gist of it is that this law clerk is staunchly pro-choice and her husband is a journalist who used to work with the reporter who received the leak.

What is Supreme Court law, anyway?