Keep in mind that the person tweeting about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis publishing fake COVID-19 numbers goes by the handle @hrcwon16, so they obviously have a taste for conspiracy theories. The first tweet is also directed to ABC, Disney, MSNBC, and CNN, supposedly because the media hasn’t covered DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw at all, aside from a couple of stories in Florida newspapers.

The really fishy thing, though, is how secretive Pushaw is. She doesn’t share information about her family background or her relationship status on social media, which puts her in league with military figures, spies, and criminals.

She appeared out of nowhere and the Miami Herald soon after published a story on how Pushaw got her job (she emailed and said she was interested in working for DeSantis). Less than a year later, the Sun-Sentinel was calling her a full-time propagandist. The Pensacola News Journal published a really nasty cartoon about “Cover-Up Girl.” Yeah, nobody covers … the governor’s press secretary.

“It’s like a gag order.” Name one other governor’s press secretary you can name from press coverage.

FAAFO … and by “finding out,” she means she’ll block you on Twitter.

We’re leaving out @hrcwon16’s responses to all of these tweets, because she relies to all of them, often by taking a screenshot of that person’s Twitter bio and posting that.

Pushaw uses her real name on Twitter, but we don’t know who @hrcwon16 is … isn’t that suspicious?