True story: One of the first things this editor did Saturday was subscribe to Gay Patriot Plus, and it didn’t cost $5.99 a month and, unless he gets banned again, will probably be around longer than four weeks. (In case you were looking for a similar deal, it’s @GayPatriotPlus this time around.)

There’s nothing particularly worthy about the tweet that inspired this one, but Eric Blair, whose Twitter avatar is George Orwell, whose Twitter handle is @protecttruth_, and who says he writes media industry tweets, warned against retweeting accounts like Gay Patriot Plus, who’s obviously trolling … his account has GOP dirty tricks all over it.

Mr. George “Protect Truth” Orwell thinks a gay DeSantis supporter has GOP dirty tricks written all over it. And not just any gay DeSantis supporter, but Gay Patriot.

Now that will get you banned from Twitter, unless you’re, say, Joy Reid saying it about Lindsey Graham or somebody.


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