If you don’t know what “nerd prom” is, it’s what the White House Correspondents Association calls its annual dinner. It’s a big deal — there’s a red carpet, and occasionally a journalist will score a Hollywood celebrity as their plus-one. The president and first lady attend, and there’s usually a “comedian,” like Kathy “Here’s Trump’s Severed Head” Griffin or Michelle “Salute to Abortion” Wolfe.

There was a lot of hand-wringing in 2017, though … the president was Donald Trump. The New Yorker and Vanity Fair canceled their after-parties. Some journalists encouraged a boycott if Trump attended. Matthew Dowd, then with ABC News, tweeted, “In support of the first amendment and in unity with all journalists the @whca should either not invite President Trump or cancel the dinner.” CNN was “discussing internally” whether to attend. After all, Trump was putting their lives in danger by calling them “fake news.”

No sweat — Trump blew them off so they could have their prom without him. Problem solved.

Now Joe Biden is president, and the WHCA is pleased to be hosting him and first lady Dr. Jill Biden.

Nope, nerd prom is back on!


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