We saw this story Tuesday and took a pass on it because it seemed like a cheap publicity stunt to promote a product. It’s not; it’s an expensive publicity stunt to promote a product. The makers of Cracker Jack have introduced Cracker Jill to celebrate women in sports.

Alex Parker writes for Twitchy sister-site RedState:

In a men-maiming move, Frito-Lay has repackaged its iconic candy.

Since manly mentions are Jacked up, feminists everywhere can now tear into a box of “Cracker Jill.”

OfficialFritoLay’s YouTube channel boasts an ad in praise of the improvement.

The company subscribes to a contemporarily common concept — people are unable to live aptly unless they see others who look like themselves.

We weren’t going to write about it until we saw the video of Normani singing the revised version of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” to find something to rhyme with Cracker Jill:

It’s pretty cringey.

Oh, you mean Gillette’s much-talked-about “toxic masculinity” ad?

We noticed they didn’t feature NCAA swim champion Lia Thomas in their montage at the end.

They must have a biologist on staff.


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