It’s funny — it was just last week that we referred to the last time we did a post on OREOs. Some NBC News affiliate had decided to take Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s pause in answering a question to mean that he didn’t believe that trans people actually exist. This would seem strange, as Ducey was signing legislation to prevent trans women from competing on girls’ sports teams. We dug through our archives to see if anyone else had been accused of denying the existence of transgender people and came across OREO’s tweet from last year:

OREO’s going back to the LBGTQIA+ well this week by premiering its short film showing how difficult it can be to come out as gay, and how everyone needs allies backing them up.

We like the quick product placement of OREO cookies.

That gratuitous shot of the OREOs just kills it. So it is just a long-form commercial.

* * *


OREO even paid to get #LifelongAlly trending.

“An OREO Film by Alice Wu.”


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