David French of The Dispatch gets a lot of flak from conservatives for his defense of Drag Queen Story Hour, but he should have known, like The Bulwark’s principled conservative Charlie Sykes, that that was just “the entrepreneurs of culture war” ginning up indignation, the same way they did with critical race theory. Sykes claims that now, after Christopher Rufo released video from an all-hands meeting at Disney to placate employees angry that the company hadn’t spoken out sooner against Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, that Disney has become the new “shiny object of outrage” for the Right.

Sykes writes:

You can be forgiven if you didn’t have “Right-Wing Jihad Against Disney” on your bingo card for 2022.

But I regret to tell you that the entrepreneurs of culture war have grown tired of ginning up indignation about “Drag Queen Story Hour,” CRT, and the cancellation of Dr. Seuss. And so they have found a bright new shiny object of outrage, that bastion of moral decadence and wokeness, the Walt Disney Company.

But the company has now spoken out against Florida’s new law regulating instruction about sexuality (read gayness), and, since clickbait doesn’t click itself, the new hotness is canceling Disney.

He says that like it’s a bad thing. Actually, Disney is canceling itself by bending over to placate a minority of employees with no regard for customers or shareholders.

Disney’s doubled down on sexual instruction for school kids in kindergarten through third grade and says it will work to get the law repealed. As Twitchy reported, not even Jen Psaki would say Monday how early sexual instruction of children should start.

By the way, we’re still opposed to Drag Queen Story Hour and critical race theory and will keep on fighting against those. Tell us, Sykes, why should drag queens be paired up with children too young to read?


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