Maybe Will Smith has been holding a grudge against Chris Rock since the late ’90s, when Rock made a joke about then-Jada Pinkett and her attendance at the Million Women March. The Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern wrote about the unearthed clip from “The Chris Rock Show” in a piece entitled, “Chris Rock Has Been Mocking Jada Pinkett Smith Since the ’90s.”

The Daily Beast’s Fletcher Peters writes:

After a joke about women not wanting to wear the same clothes, Rock begins his roast of Jada: “You know, at the Million Women March, there were moving speeches from people like Maxine Waters, Winnie Mandela, and here are some inspirational words from the lovely Jada Pinkett.”

Rock proceeds to cut to a clip of a young Jada Pinkett at the march. “I am here today,” she proclaims, “because this is an act of power, women. Okay?” With that, Pinkett’s activism is whittled down to a joke, in which she yells the lyrics to “The Roof Is on Fire” instead of her speech.

“Burn motherf**ker, burn!” fake Jada yells to the crowd. (Not even close to her real speech.)

That’s pretty savage.

What is the point of this? To make Chris Rock look like the bad guy, telling a Jada Pinkett joke every 25 years?


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