We don’t mean to alarm you, but it seems as though ESPN has gone woke. As we reported, it was just a few days ago that two ESPN broadcasters held a moment of silence to protest the bill in Florida that keeps discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity out of kindergarten classrooms.

Some states are currently working on legislation to ban biological males from girls’ sports, which has led ESPN to post a thread on its own commitment to the LBGTQIA+ community and its opposition to laws “that infringe on any human rights.” We didn’t realize it was a human right for a man to compete on a girls’ team; that’s just sort of a rule made up a while ago to keep things fair.

Yeah, you can read those for yourself if you’re so inclined.

A debate over science and what? We’ve been assured for the last two years to follow the science.

We believe they’ve added intersex and asexual, with the plus sign standing in for anyone they forgot or who doesn’t exist yet as a gender.

They removed Sage Steele for her comments on vaccine mandates. Gotta follow the science, you know.


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