If you want to know how many times Donald Trump golfed while he was president, all you have to do is tweet about how many weekends President Joe Biden has spent in Delaware. The number is easily searchable because so many media outlets reported on it; the intrepid Jim Acosta of CNN even reported on Trump golfing a month after he’d left office. And we all smelled a Pulitzer in 2017 when a CNN photographer, possibly disguised as a small palm tree, managed to get a photo through the bushes of Trump on the golf course in Florida. But as Jen Psaki explained, Biden spends so much time in Delaware because his son and former wife are buried there.

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel was being petty, then, for bringing up how many times Biden had been to Delaware:

Area expert Tom Nichols owned McDaniel with this snappy comeback:

That probably sounded pretty good in his head.

Nichols has plenty of followers pointing out that the border crisis doesn’t even crack the top 20 issues facing the country right now and that, technically, that beach house in Delaware is on one of the United States’ borders.


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