This opinion piece in the Sun-Sentinel is blocked by a paywall, but we were able to see that it was written by Tina Polsky, who’s a state senator. We were somewhat surprised that it wasn’t written by a Sun-Sentinel staffer or its editorial board because that and every other paper in Florida has it out for Gov. Ron DeSantis even more than the national media who would have you believe that DeSantis, like Donald Trump, is objectively “pro-COVID.”

“Further, the governor’s spokeswoman literally said that anyone who supports gay rights is either an actual pedophile or supports pedophiles.” Sure, Jan.

Democrats in the legislature don’t seem to be too happy with the way this legislative session is going, as Polsky calls it “a turning point toward despotism.” Here’s the pull quote the Florida House Democrats chose to run with:

Oh no!

A quick look at the piece’s URL echoes Comic Book Store Guy from “The Simpsons,” declaring it the “worst session ever.”


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