Ann Brenoff hasn’t been paying attention to the Biden administration’s talking points. Everyone, including Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who pulled that stunt of biking to his first cabinet meeting after he unloaded his bike from an armored SUV parked nearby, says the solution to high energy prices is to buy an electric car. The administration is pushing electric vehicles hard, although Buttigieg is also pushing electric buses. Remember this?

Brenoff, a retired senior writer from HuffPost, agrees that Vladimir Putin is to blame for high gas prices here in the U.S., and she has several solutions:

Um, frankly, yes. We need more because none of those works for us. What else do you have?

Well, they should just move closer to the doctor.

We’re guessing a HuffPost writer could work from home, no problem. Everyone should just get work-from-home jobs! See? There are more solutions.


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