A couple of days ago, we featured a lengthy thread by British journalist, author, and feminist Laurie Penny, who was telling about how she’d had a complex PTSD flashback after her new book, “Sexual Revolution: Modern Fascism and the Feminist Fightback,” was savaged by the “misogynist, transphobic media.” Even the reliably liberal Guardian called it “poorly researched and lacking serious analysis.” But Jesse Singal has stumbled upon one of the most outstanding reviews, this one published in The Times.

The top of that excerpt might be cut off, so here’s how it starts:

When there is an attempt at a concrete description of what a “woman” is, the result is inadvertently appalling: “To traditional conservatives, everyone who has a uterus is a woman, and therefore someone whose sexuality is by definition subject to state control.” So that’s what a woman is: someone whose sexuality is by definition subject to state control. Who would want to be one of those?

No wonder J.K. Rowling sent “thoughts and prayers.”

Has Penny considered that maybe the reason her book is being savaged isn’t because of misogyny or transphobia but the fact that it just plain sucks?


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