We’re guessing this guy’s name is Houston, and he says he’s a radio DJ who says gay things on iHeart Radio. And he decided to reply to a tweet from former Republican and Occupy Democrats opinion writer David Weissman to say that he, too, will continue to say “gay” on the air.

We continue to see that attitude as coming from people who haven’t read the bill, which, despite what the media has said, was not called the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. No one is stopping anyone from saying gay. All the bill does is aim to keep discussions about sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity out of kindergarten through third grade. We’re guessing fourth-grade activist teachers have full rein to indoctrinate young minds, so what’s the problem? Do you really need that K-3 demographic?

There’s nothing in the bill about saying the word gay on the air. This might come as a surprise to some people.

No kidding.

Why should there be any teacher-led discussion of sex in a kindergarten classroom, anyway? Explain that.


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