As Twitchy reported Friday, a new poll shows that 74 percent of Americans want a NATO-led no-fly zone established over Ukraine. So does Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who brought up the idea of a U.S.-led no-fly zone in late February, noting that “we own the skies.” A better idea would be to stop buying so much oil from Russia, but the thing is, we’re in a “transition” period right now from fossil fuels to green energy.

Despite a majority of Americans wanting to see U.S. fighter jets shooting down Russian planes, that would bring the United States directly into the conflict, something Russian President Vladimir Putin has made clear:

No kidding.

We have no objections.

Newsweek published a story on Biden’s “secret” drone war with Russia, the idea being we let U.S. drones fly and then just put out the story that we gave them to Ukraine and they launched them.

The desire to do something to help the Ukrainians is strong, but directly entering the conflict might be just the sort of escalation Putin is waiting for.


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