Here’s the thing: We’ve seen the videos of Ray Epps encouraging people for two days to storm the Capitol building, so why hasn’t he been charged with incitement to riot? January 6 select committee member Rep. Adam Kinzinger has described “insurrectionist” Epps as “just another misled man” who didn’t break any laws. Conspiracy theorists, though, maintain that Epps was an FBI informant or agent — why else would be removed from the FBI’s wanted list with so much video evidence?

NBC News’ Ryan J. Reilly reports that the FBI is in quite a pickle: There’s a man who’s been dead for months on the FBI’s Capitol Violence page, but if the FBI removes him, it risks setting off “yet another conspiracy theory.”

So the FBI is going to keep individuals who aren’t facing criminal charges up on its Capitol Violence website? Rilley writes of the man who’s been dead for months:

That’s something that the FBI will have to weigh when deciding what to do about the suspect who still appears on its website with the label “AFO,” meaning assault on federal officer. The FBI received a tip about the suspect months ago, not long before his unexpected death over the summer. But removing his image from the website now could spark additional conspiracy theories that could only be resolved through public identification, which would set off a fresh round of pain for a family still recovering from its loss. (NBC News is not naming the suspect, other than saying he was from the Midwest, because he was not arrested or charged before his death.)

Are we really supposed to believe the FBI wants to remove the man to avoid “a fresh round of pain for a family still recovering from its loss”? He’s listed as assaulting a federal officer; people have no pity for the family of Ashli Babbitt, who was a domestic terrorist who should have complied and got justice served on the spot.

The January 6 select committee, which is supposed to be looking into the origins of the storming of the Capitol, already interviewed Epps for some reason and found that he’s a stand-up guy who was just misled. Now grandma taking selfies inside the building, that’s another story.


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