Dr. Leana Wen went from being president of Planned Parenthood to becoming a CNN medical analyst and a Washington Post contributing columnist. She recently gave away the game on CNN when she admitted that cloth masks in the face of the Omicron variant were “little more than facial decoration,” but then backtracked a bit, saying what she meant is they should “require” higher-quality masks for schoolchildren — three-ply surgical masks at a minimum, if not N95 masks.

Keeper of receipts Drew Holden has caught Wen doing a quick 180 in the Washington Post, where in late November she wrote that “Biden is right to fight omicron with travel restrictions. But more must be done.” Fast-forward to February 1, and she’s publishing a piece entitled, “Yes, more variants may emerge in the future. That’s why we should lift restrictions now.”


We’re old enough to remember when travel restrictions were “xenophobic.”


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