We missed the opening of “The Five” Monday, but that’s OK, because CNN’s Brian Stelter never misses a single show on Fox News and was able to tell us what we missed. Apparently, the Fox News panel was talking about a segment on Stelter’s on Sunday show, “Reliable Sources,” on which he and fellow hall monitor Oliver Darcy called out Fox News for it’s fear-ridden chyrons, like one claiming the crime waves in some blue cities have turned them into “apocalyptic hellscapes.” That’s pretty good, actually.

But CNN … yes, CNN … claims that Fox News is using crisis chyrons to keep the nation in a state of fear. CNN, on the other hand, is like Seth Rogen telling you not to get worked up about your car getting broken into because that’s called “living in a big city.”

Somewhere well below “The Five” is putting it mildly.

Even Jen Psaki talked about crime during Monday’s press briefing.

* * *


Here’s the segment on “The Five” that had Stelter in a tizzy:


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