It’s no surprise that CNN’s Don Lemon has had it with the unvaccinated. While a new poll shows that nearly half of Democrats would support the unvaccinated being sent to internment camps, Lemon is just done with the unvaccinated completely, saying we have to stop doing things for “idiots who think that they can do their own research.”

How about that chyron? “TV Host Rips Unvaccinated: Stop Your Bulls*** and Hurting World.” In the meantime, now that the sophisticated, triple-vaccinated crowd is catching the Omicron variant anyway, they’re being assured by the media that they followed the rules and shouldn’t be ashamed.

Papers in research journals that the media refuses to cover if they buck the government narrative?

At least one university exempted students of color from the flu vaccine requirement “based on historical injustices and current events.” Even President Joe Biden said he understood vaccine hesitancy among minorities, bringing up the “Tuskeegee airmen” and saying Latinos were afraid they were going to get deported.

CNN is allegedly a news organization; don’t they have a whole team of reporters to do their own research, or are they just stenographers for Dr. Fauci and the CDC?