President Biden did nothing but sign executive orders for the first few days of his presidency, rescinding a lot of President Trump’s orders and adding new orders to stop gun violence — more actions than any president has ever taken in his first year.

On Monday, the ATF issued a Best Practices Guide, and the Justice Department also announced a new rule requiring gun dealers to have available for sale gun safes compatible with the guns they sell:

The Department of Justice has submitted to the Federal Register for publication a final rule, which will take effect Feb. 3, requiring FFLs to certify that they have secure gun storage devices available to their customers for purchase. Secure gun storage or safety device, as defined by statute and regulation, includes a safe, gun safe, gun case, lock box or other device that is designed to be or can be used to store a firearm and that is designed to be unlocked only by means of a key, a combination or other similar means.

That’ll curb gun violence. And speaking of gun violence, how well did those executive orders fare in 2021?

Here’s Philadelphia marking its homicides at over 550:

Chicago reported 797 homicides in 2021.

Biden’s executive actions have had zero effect on stopping gun crime.