A bunch of people questioned MSNBC host Chris Hayes’ white privilege as he put out a call for all New York City schools to postpone going back to the classroom for one week to at least reduce the transmission of and exposure to the Omicron variant. Sure, why not: Leave a ton of parents scrambling to find care for their children at the last minute, as if the virus was going to be gone after a week.

National Educators United has issued an open letter calling for ALL schools nationwide to pause school reopenings for two weeks, citing a scarcity of COVID tests and N95 masks — which are not meant to be worn for seven hours straight by anybody.

Molly Shaw noted that a bunch of right-wing douches had piled on teachers for calling for a two-week pause in in-school learning.

That’s pretty brave — she’s limited replies to people mentioned in the tweet, which means nobody.

She does have a little hammer and sickle icon in her Twitter bio.

That was always the teachers’ unions’ argument when it was demonstrated that kids are at least risk to each other — but what if they carry the virus and spread it to the teacher. That is what had teachers writing their own obituaries a year ago.