We still have yet to see any evidence of a U.S. citizen being denied the right to vote. But then again, the same Democrats who say there is no voter fraud also scream about voter suppression, meaning it’s just too hard for some people to vote. They need every state to mail ballots to everyone on the voter rolls, as well as offer early voting, Sunday voting, drive-through voting, 24-hour voting, etc. As many pointed out, while Georgia was singled out for its voting legislation, it still offered more opportunities to vote than President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware.

In that interview with ABC News’ David Muir, Biden said that he supports an exception to the filibuster — but just for voting rights bills (sure).

The Hill reports:

Biden told ABC News’s David Muir in a portion of an interview that aired Thursday that he would support fundamental changes to Senate rules in order to pass election reform legislation.

“That means whatever it takes. Change the Senate rules to accommodate major pieces of legislation without requiring 60 votes,” Biden said.

When asked to clarify that he supported a carveout for voting rights legislation from the 60-vote threshold needed to pass most bills in the Senate, Biden said that he did.

Just your usual reminder that Democrats used the filibuster 327 times in 2020 alone compared to once by the Republicans, but this year it’s “Jim Crow on steroids.”

He thought Build Back Better was going to be his crowning achievement.

Democrats are already shaking in their boots over 2022, and they should be.


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