After the not guilty verdict came down in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, this editor suggested that Rittenhouse keep a low profile for a while. Rittenhouse has done pretty much the opposite, meeting with Donald Trump, appearing on several podcasts, and getting “a rock star reception” at Turning Point USA’s conference this weekend. On Tuesday, Rep. Lauren Boebert posted a photo with Rittenhouse:

Kira Davis, editor-at-large for Twitchy sister-site RedState, wonders if it’s a bit distasteful to be making a celebrity out of Rittenhouse:

This editor tends to agree with Davis, but opinion is definitely split.

The verdict was most definitely a cause for celebration; there’s no question there.

True; the socialists at ASU protested him taking online classes there when he wasn’t even enrolled, on the basis that he was a “racist murderer” “whose ancestors killed black and brown people.” Fortunately, the Left doesn’t seem too interested in keeping him in the spotlight — at least there weren’t riots over the verdict.

We suppose Rittenhouse is old enough to know what he’s doing, and if he’s choosing to make all of these celebrity appearances, that’s his right. What do you think?