Usually, we turn to CNN’s media reporter Brian Stelter to tell us what they are showing on Fox News, but on Monday night, he made it a point to tell us what they weren’t showing: the January 6 committee’s hearing. We don’t think Fox needed to air it; one tweet pretty well covers all you need to know. Apparently, a few Fox News personalities, along with Donald Trump Jr., were texting Mark Meadows to urge President Trump to get on TV and denounce what was happening at the Capitol — Trump’s tweet alone wasn’t enough.

Stelter notes that neither the top-ranked news network nor the up-and-coming news networks were covering it.

Can you imagine how insufferable the first-anniversary coverage of the Capitol riots is going to be? We’re already dreading it.

We’d be interested to see more of the footage from January 6, but we don’t think the committee is showing that.

Update: C-SPAN is covering it: