It’s fair to lump together J.K. Rowling and Dave Chappelle; Rowling was labeled a TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) after a tweet, and Chappelle announced that he was on “Team TERF” during his most recent (but not last) Netflix special.

We’re not sure what happened to inspire blue-check Max Kennerly to tweet this now, but he’s old enough to remember a time when Rowling and Chappelle weren’t desperately trying to stay relevant “by attacking the values of a younger generation that has left them behind.”

There’s a lot wrong with that tweet, but we take issue with the notion that they’re “out of ideas” and “desperately trying to remain relevant.” Rowling’s got a new book coming out, and they failed to cancel Chappelle at Netflix, whose upcoming comedy festival will feature him.

Would he date a trans woman? If not, that’s transphobic — or at least that’s what the younger generation says.