As Twitchy has reported, people like Alexander Vindman’s wife Rachel are declaring that the tornadoes that swept through several states last night were a “direct result of climate change,” and she can’t understand why people are so “slow to accept reality.” We haven’t heard Amanda Marcotte’s thoughts on the tornadoes, but she does name “climate change is a hoax” as a conspiracy theory. She also shames Matt Yglesias for entertaining the hypothesis that the COVID-19 pandemic was born from a lab leak from the Institute of Virology in Wuhan.

Maybe she shouldn’t have tagged Yglesias in her tweet, because now she’s being bombarded by wingnuts.

Marcotte’s worried about the status of her soul.

Alina Chan is one of the co-authors of “Viral,” the book which is the subject of the New Republic piece that kicked of Marcotte’s thread.

Yeah, we’re blocked too, as if half of Twitter.

How dare anyone question the efficacy of a vaccine that is going to take at least two boosters and still won’t prevent you from catching or spreading COVID?


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