Erik Bottcher says he’s been elected to New York City Council, so we’re guessing he’ll get that coveted blue-check soon. Until then, he’s tweeting out things worthy of blue-checks, like this reminder that there was a time conservatives had no problem wearing masks. This editor was certainly around during the ’80s and doesn’t remember anyone ever wearing a mask, but here’s an old sepia-toned scan of an American family in masks in fear of catching AIDS. Bottcher says to never forget.

Why, it’s Dr. Anthony Fauci!

Didn’t Oprah Winfrey use her show at the time to announce that in just a few years, half the heterosexual population of the country would have AIDS?

So this was on the cover of the July 1983 issue of Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority Report, which of course means all conservatives started wearing masks. Find us a photo of Falwell wearing a mask.