This new poll from the Trafalgar Group, taken between Nov. 26 and 29 and including likely general election voters, shows President Joe “Brandon” Biden with the lowest job approval rating we’ve seen so far. According to the poll, 36.3 percent of those polled approve of the job Biden’s doing.

Sixty-five percent of Democrats approve, but what’s probably more interesting is that 8.2 percent of Republicans say they approve of the job Biden’s doing — which probably gives us a good idea of just how many Never Trumpers there are out there.

Check out that really long purple bar; that’s 52.2 percent who “strongly disapprove,” as opposed to 6.9 percent who just disapprove.

It really is stunning. People don’t just disapprove, they strongly disapprove.

It was while this poll was being taken that the Associated Press reported that the White House believes getting COVID-19 under control will rejuvenate Biden’s standing and the country … and now he and Fauci have the Omicron variant in their laps.