It was on this day in 2018 that we caught what we believed was the Washington Post’s fourth piece on Melania Trump’s Christmas decorations. Actually, it wasn’t all the decorations — everyone zeroed in on one hallway that had red trees. The Post wrote that the “spooky” trees induced “flashbacks to phantasmal nightmares from our shared cultural memory.” The Post also described it as “Melania Trump’s nightmare forest.” They’d also done a piece on how outside the U.S., the color red has been associated with sick Christmas trees.

And it wasn’t just WaPo: Slate asked what message the first lady was sending with her “red Christmas trees of death.” Journo Emily Singer said the decorations looked like they were “straight out of ‘The Shining.'” Keep in mind, these were the same people who saw Melania’s “neo-fascist” Rose Garden redesign and saw swastikas and the letters “KKK” in the shrubbery.

Now it’s our turn to see what Dr. Jill Biden has been up to:


That were behind a fence.

As someone mentioned above, this will be on the cover of Vogue along with an interview with the doctor herself.

* * *


Since we started this post, the Washington Post has weighed in:

Biden has been working on the decorations since late May and is a big fan of color.

Seriously; what is this?