This March, President Joe Biden said he agreed with his old boss, Barack Obama, that the filibuster was a relic of Jim Crow — even though Obama made a passionate defense of the filibuster when he was a senator. Democrats suddenly recognized the need to abolish the filibuster, even though they’d used it 327 times in 2020 alone, while Republicans used it only once.

CNN national politics reporter Eva McKend apparently wants to be the next Yamiche Alcindor, in the sense that she’ll advocate for a position while making it sound like a question. Here she is lecturing Mitch McConnell on the racist roots of the filibuster back in March, though the tweet is still pinned to the top of her Twitter feed:

We’re not sure how Richard Grenell stumbled across it this week, but he certainly wasn’t impressed with the reporting:

Because she’s a Democratic activist.

It’s almost as if the reporter were advocating for the nuking of the filibuster and suggesting you were racist if you wanted to keep it.