It’s been pretty clear that President Joe Biden is going hard on COVID-19, what with vaccine mandates and all. President-elect Biden assured us he had a plan to shut down the virus, and that plan seems to involve everyone getting two doses of the COVID vaccine plus a booster. It’s obvious the president is frustrated that the vaccination rate isn’t 100 percent, and that’s because so much of his legacy depends on how he handles the COVID crisis.

Just to demonstrate how delusional the White House is, AP Politics is reporting that the White House believes getting the coronavirus under control will rejuvenate both the country and Biden’s sagging poll numbers.


Biden’s team views the pandemic as the root cause of both the nation’s malaise and his own political woes. Finally controlling COVID-19, the White House believes, is the skeleton key to rejuvenating the country and reviving Biden’s own standing.

But the coronavirus challenge has proved to be vexing for the White House, with last summer’s premature claims of victory swamped by the more transmissible delta variant, stubborn millions of Americans unvaccinated and lingering economic effects from the pandemic’s darkest days.

For now, in the administration’s view, an intransigent minority that is resisting vaccination is spoiling the recovery for the rest of the country — forcing masks on the vaccinated and contributing to lingering anxiousness everywhere you look.

“Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, speaking about the administration’s response to spiking gasoline prices, said getting people vaccinated was ‘the ultimate answer.'”