As Twitchy reported earlier, Kyle Rittenhouse trial judge Bruce Schroeder banned MSNBC and NBC from the courtroom after a man who claimed to be a producer for MSNBC was stopped for running a red light while following the bus carrying the jurors. In a statement, NBC called the man a freelancer who was stopped for a traffic violation that “took place near the jury van,” but he never intended to photograph or contact the jurors.

We can’t believe Rolling Stone hasn’t been sued out of existence yet, but they found a way to make the story about Fox News. You see, the “free-speech loving” broadcasters at Fox News were “thrilled” that NBC and MSNBC were banned.

Ryan Bort explains how Fox News was thrilled:

Fox News was thrilled. “I think it speaks to this bigger issue of chilling free speech, and I don’t mean on behalf of MSNBC,” anchor Harris Faulker said after Schroeder’s announcement. “They wanted to change the narrative. They wanted to get pictures of people and they know that’s wrong … When you take pictures of jurors, you endanger them.”

That’s it. Although, if you look at the URL for the story, it says that Fox News “celebrated” the ban.

It looks like Rolling Stone is getting its takes from The Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona, who desperately wants to be Aaron Rupar:

“Literally celebrating.”

Yes, the story here is Harris Faulkner “literally celebrating” the ban.