This is pretty amazing considering what we learned yesterday from the Kyle Rittenhouse homicide trial, when “lone survivor” Gaige Grosskreutz caused the prosecution to literally facepalm by admitting that Rittenhouse didn’t fire on him until he advanced on him with a handgun. (He’d previously claimed he was trying to surrender … by pointing a gun at Rittenhouse.) We showed you the headlines from Monday which all overlooked this important detail — probably the biggest moment of the day.

NBC News brought on civil rights attorney David Henderson to comment on the trial, and he actually compared Grosskreutz to a teacher reacting to an active shooter in a school. Rittenhouse was the active shooter, and Grosskreutz was trying to protect others.

He was like a teacher trying to protect his students from an active shooter? That’s insane.

So this is how MSNBC is going to spin this trial; not surprising.


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