We’ve heard plenty from the pundits about Tuesday night’s election results — a lot of it through angry tears — but a reporter asked Vice President Kamala Harris if she had any messages for the Democratic Party in the run-up to the midterms. She’s decided she’s going to leave that to the pundits and instead focused on the “great wins” the Democrats enjoyed. Did you know a Democrat won the New York City mayoral race? That was a tight one.

For the Democratic Party’s sake, it had better have a better analysis than the pundits could come up with, which was that Republicans’ sweep of Virginia was 1,000 percent due to dog-whistle racism.

Just a reminder that along with Harris, President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama all traveled to Virginia to join McAuliffe on stage.

The nice thing about being a Democrat is knowing almost all of the pundits are on your side, to which we can only say, take their advice and run with it.


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