The ratings are in for President Joe Biden’s invitation-only town hall on CNN Thursday night, and they’re not good. We know that Biden prefers to do town halls over press conferences because the questions are all submitted in advance, but he really needs to find another network to do them on, as CNN remains ratings poison.

According to Mediaite, Biden’s town hall was a dud, drawing 1.28 million viewers, “finished behind every single Fox News program in the overall category.” As far as the coveted 25-54 demographic goes, the town hall drew only 288,000 viewers, finishing eighth in the demographic. “Tucker Carson Tonight,” which went head-to-head with the most popular president in history, drew 3 million viewers.

We think it’s been a while since a CNN show managed to break 1 million viewers.

Only CNN promoted it, so it’s understandable you wouldn’t have heard about it.

Maybe there’s some clue in all of Biden’s tanking approval numbers.