Speaker Nancy Pelosi scolded the media earlier this week for not doing a better job of selling President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda to the American people. The conventional wisdom among Democrats is that Biden just hasn’t gotten his message across, and people don’t understand just how great his agenda is. It couldn’t be the $3.5 trillion+ price tag that has Americans worried.

Noah Smith was thinking about FDR’s fireside chats and wondering why Biden — or ANYONE — hasn’t released a weekly podcast in which he explains what he’s doing to achieve his vision for America.

Biden did have a podcast; it was called “Here’s the Deal” and was launched during his campaign to provide “a voice of clarity in uncertain times.”

Oh, and then after he was elected they launched “Weekly Conversations.”

For what it’s worth, Hillary Clinton had (has) a podcast that we haven’t heard anything about since it launched. Maybe Biden could just revive “Here’s the Deal.” Why not?

Podcasts. That’s the answer to push through Biden’s agenda. Podcasts.