As Twitchy reported, while interviewing CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Joe Rogan pretty much laid waste to CNN over its lie about him taking “horse dewormer” to treat COVID-19. We already brought you one epic thread by Glenn Greenwald calling out CNN over its horse dewormer smear, but that thread was inspired by the clip of Gupta on Rogan’s podcast. But then Gupta went on the air with Don Lemon and the two doubled-down, with Lemon saying, “It is not a lie to say that [Ivermectin] is used as a horse dewormer. I think that’s important.”

That clip set off Greenwald, who penned another epic thread blasting CNN:

And we’ve seen that no institution believes it’s entitled to special protections than corporate media.

“A controversial treatment designed for animals.”

Well said.

That’s probably true.