President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is in bad shape. As Twitchy reported, Biden met with Democrats on Capitol Hill Friday as he lobbied for passage of the $3.5 trillion spending bill (that costs zero dollars), but his handlers jumped in and prevented him from taking any questions from reporters.

The Build Back Better agenda is perhaps the one thing Biden hasn’t passed on to Vice President Kamala Harris, and as the Washington Examiner reports, Harris took off for an unexplained private trip to Palm Springs Friday.

Dave Boyer reports:

Vice President Kamala Harris was making an unexplained private trip Friday to the resort town of Palm Springs, California, as Democrats in Congress sought to complete President Biden’s economic agenda.

The White House and Ms. Harris‘ office wouldn’t give a reason for the one-night trip, which began on Friday afternoon with her departure from Joint Base Andrews near Washington.

Reporters were not allowed to watch her departure.

Most transparent administration ever.

“Ms. Harris has no public events scheduled for the visit. Local Democratic officials in southern California told news outlets that they were not expecting to meet with the Vice President.”

So she’s not even campaigning.