It was days after a tweet went viral accusing Border Patrol agents on horseback carrying whips and using them on Haitian immigrants that an AP reporter decided to post her footage of the incident. It was a shame she waited because from her angle it was absolutely clear that there wasn’t a whip in sight.

That viral tweet went up on Sept. 20, and as late as Sept. 27, the Seattle Times was publishing an op-ed claiming that “images of Border Patrol agents on horseback whipping Haitian asylum seekers at the Texas-Mexico border have reminded Americans of the racist origins.” It wasn’t until a day later that the Times changed “whipping” to “corralling”:

Editor’s note: This guest column was corrected to say that federal agents were corralling immigrants at the border. Previously, the column suggested agents were whipping the immigrants.

It didn’t “suggest” anything — it came right out and said it. Fox LA’s Bill Melugin caught a screenshot of the Times’ tweet promoting the op-ed:

To give them credit, they did, finally. It looks like they also turned off comments on the op-ed: “The Seattle Times occasionally closes comments on sensitive stories.”

And of course, the op-ed author is a professor.