NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia was actually defending state delegate Joshua Cole, who was called out on Twitter by the Virginia House Republican Caucus for calling for the defunding of police. The Republicans noted NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s endorsement of Cole, but with NARAL supporting Terry McAuliffe in the governor’s race, even supporters of the group advised them against using the #defundthepolice hashtag.

“Instead of harming them.” If the picture above is cut off, the reply to “You want to defund the police?” is, “What, like reallocating resources to our communities is bad?”

It’s pretty awkward, seeing as they’re endorsing McAuliffe, who exploded when a sheriff dared ask him if he supported defunding the police.

Good tweet.

It’s great. NARAL thinks taxes going to pay for police harms communities, and they’re saying it out loud. Keep helping.

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