White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki insisted as recently as Thursday that “there is certainly not an open border.” She also reacted to the “horrible and horrific” footage of Border Patrol agents doing their jobs keeping Haitian migrants on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande. That footage of border agents cracking their “whips” at migrants has finally drawn the media’s attention to the “challenge” at the southern border, where 12,000 migrants had been living in an underpass in squalid conditions.

Psaki must “officially” not believe there is an open border and there’s no illegal immigration crisis, but she certainly seems to have lost her patience with Republicans who have made speeches about the border crisis without offering solutions. But solutions to what? If there’s no crisis, what’s there to solve?

The Recount originally posted this video with the tweet, “WH Press Sec. Jen Psaki calls out Republicans over immigration reform.” So the Biden administration has no plan and is waiting on Republicans to come up with one?

As Fox News’ Peter Doocy replied when challenged, “I am not in charge of keeping the border secure. You guys are.”

Yeah, you can see her losing it in this clip even without the sound.

Or Vice President Harris’ job.

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