The whole mounted Border Patrol agents whipping Haitian migrants thing has been debunked over and over by both people who actually know about horses and by close inspection of the images themselves, none of which shows a whip, especially when shot from multiple angles. Different media outlets took different tacks with their headlines, with some claiming outright that agents were whipping Haitian migrants, while others backed off a bit and said agents cracked their whips at migrants or swung them menacingly. In any case, they’re all wrong, because there were no whips.

Eric Wasson reports on Congress for Bloomberg News, and he says he overheard police officers at the Capitol asking who the heck gave the border patrol whips.

The tweet’s from this afternoon, well after the story had been debunked, which doesn’t say much for the Capitol Police.

Yeah, the ones in full riot gear who managed to arrest a federal law enforcement officer carrying his firearm.

Good question:

Speaking of the Left, they probably want to know who the heck gave the Capitol Police tear gas and rubber bullets.

Maybe someone could brief the Capitol Police on the situation at the border, or better yet, send them there.