Even Rep. Ilhan Omar called out cartoonist Mike Luckovich for his September 1 cartoon showing two women in burqas in Afghanistan saying, “Pray for Texas women,” as the heartbeat bill has just taken effect. The hashtag #TexasTaliban was all over the place, but as we reported, pro-abortion protesters who marched on Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house were instructed not to compare pro-life politicians to the Taliban, because that would be Islamophobic.

Now Grabien Media’s Tom Elliot has captured CNN’s Ashley Allison saying that she draws very close parallels between those planning to attend the Justice for J6 rally in D.C. Saturday and the Taliban. Why? They don’t have respect for democracy or diverging ideas.

The Capitol Police are probably preparing for public executions and beheadings as the media hypes up this rally. If only the government had put as much planning into the evacuation of Afghanistan as the Taliban swept in.