Former President Barack Obama was in the news most recently for his huge 60th birthday party where hundreds gathered without masks in tents on his Martha’s Vineyard estate. As Twitchy reported, someone decided to celebrate Obama’s birthday on Twitter by noting that his biggest scandal was wearing a tan suit — and it wasn’t only conservatives who pounced on that take. There are plenty of liberals who consider Obama a warmonger right along with George W. Bush … droning weddings will earn you that reputation.

So it was anything but adulation when The Hill announced that the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas were teaming up in an effort to help Afghan refugees.

By joining the effort, it means they’re serving as honorary co-chairs of something called Welcome.US, which aims to provide a “single point of entry” for Americans who want to help resettle Afghan refugees. So most of their effort will probably be putting out a press release.