Twitter is always testing some new “feature” that no one asked for and that only serves to stifle conservation on the platform. Now we’re hearing that Twitter is testing out a new “Safety Mode” that helps users “prevent being overwhelmed by harmful tweets.” We didn’t know tweets could be harmful, but Twitter seems to think so.

CNN reports:

With the Safety Mode tool, when a user turns it on in settings, Twitter’s systems will assess incoming tweets’ “content and the relationship between the tweet author and replier.” If Twitter’s automated system finds an account to have repeated, harmful engagement with the user, it will block the account for seven days from following the user’s account, viewing their tweets or sending them direct messages.

For now, Safety Mode is just a limited test, rolling out Wednesday to “a small feedback group” of English-language users on iOS, Android, and, including “people from marginalized communities and female journalists.”

Female journalists? How soft are they? Twitter must think they can’t handle anything seeing as it banned “learn to code” tweets aimed at laid-off reporters.

Twitter’s really cracking down on misinformation and harmful tweets and open discussion.