As Twitchy reported earlier, devout Catholic Joe Biden blasted Texas for its new heartbeat law which just went into effect, banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. That seems to be what set off author, podcaster, and associate professor Jared Yates Sexton, who in an 18-tweet thread blew the lid off the GOP’s long-term plan to get such “dark, dystopian” legislation passed. We usually feature conservative voices on here, but we think Sexton’s Twitter rant is an illuminating look into the Republican Party from the outside. (How soon until The Bulwark offers him a gig?)

What firewall? Biden just showed he can executive-order his way around the Supreme Court with his extension of the eviction moratorium.

We’ll never not laugh at the “theft” of “Merrick Garland’s seat.”

We agree The Federalist Society is a problem … it’s not conservative enough.

It’s a pity there were no liberal judges out there to throw wrenches into President Trump’s policies.

There’s no need to fear violence. Biden assured us patriots that we’d need F-15s and maybe a nuke to take on our own government, although the U.S. military’s retreat from its 20-year war with the Taliban says different.

It’s actually a 21-tweet thread, but the rest is just Sexton pimping his substack, podcast, and book, if you want to buy it.

We told you he’d uncovered the whole plot.