Once again, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is in the national spotlight for banning school districts from mandating masks. As Twitchy reported Wednesday, CNN did a feature on a 12-year-old girl in Florida who’d written to her school board urging them to mandate masks this fall. The CDC announced late last month that it’s recommending masks for students, teachers, and staff in K-12 schools whether they’re vaccinated or not.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona took questions from the White House press corps Thursday, and PBS News’ Yamiche Alcindor asked what kind of “sticks” the Department of Education might have in its toolbox to help school districts fight back against mandate bans.

She did seem to be lobbying American Rescue Plan coordinator Gene Sperling pretty hard to extend that eviction moratorium. But back to masks:

He’ll be watching …

Adult decisions kept kids out of school for an entire year, but no one asked if the Department of Education had any “sticks” to use against the teachers’ unions.