On Monday, Oilfield Rando went through Congress’ infrastructure bill line-by-line to see where trillions of our tax dollars were going, and as he noted, there was an entire section on “Promoting women in the trucking workforce.” You see, women make up 43 percent of the workforce in the United States, but only 6.6 percent of truck drivers are women. That sounds like a problem we should be throwing millions of dollars at.

Christopher Rufo has also looked at the infrastructure bill and determined that “critical race theory is infrastructure.” No, there’s nothing in the bill about teaching critical race theory in schools, but there are plenty of references to equity and inclusion.

For example, there’s a Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century. There are also sections on “digital inclusion” and “digital equity,” meaning individuals and communities “have the information technology capacity that is needed for full participation in the society and economy of the United States.” That’s important, because as President Biden explained, a lot of African Americans and Hispanics don’t know how to get online to find information about vaccinations.

Rufo also mentions the creation of the “Women of Trucking Advisory Board,” but most damning is something that could have come straight out of Ibram X. Kendi’s book on anti-racism: “race- and gender-neutral efforts alone are insufficient to address the problem.”

It should have been the “Persons Who Menstruate of Trucking Advisory Board.”

That’s what Rufo’s trying to do. Remember, equality isn’t the goal because it doesn’t guarantee equal outcomes; equity is the goal, because it guarantees equal outcomes by any means necessary.