Rep. Liz Cheney is one of the Republicans Speaker Nancy Pelosi allowed to serve on her January 6 select committee, so you know she serves Pelosi’s purpose in making the committee “bipartisan” while still ensuring its outcome. Cheney has been getting a lot of love from the Never Trump crowd, but Daily Beast senior columnist Matt Lewis has written a love letter to Cheney expounding on how she could be saving not just the Republican Party but even America from itself.

Look, she has a superhero cape and everything:

Here’s how the piece kicks off:

Queen Liz Cheney continued to cement her image as the Iron Lady of the Republican Party this week, with a bold endorsement of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to veto two Trump allies—Reps. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks—from the Jan. 6 select committee.

Pelosi objected to these picks by Minority “Leader” Kevin McCarthy because, as Cheney explained, Jordan “may well be a material witness to events that led to that day–that led to January 6th,” and Banks “disqualified himself by his comments in particular over the last 24 hours demonstrating that he is not taking this seriously.”

In so doing, Cheney preserved the seriousness and credibility of the committee. To borrow a phrase from Rush Limbaugh, Cheney is equal time.

This is one of those pieces where you wonder seriously if it’s satire. Queen Liz Cheney?

Full quote: “It is increasingly rare to see someone take a stand like this, and I can’t help thinking it is brave and bold and romantic and rebellious—especially for someone who was once considered conservative royalty, but was recently kicked to the curb for failing to walk the party line.”

She is going to be looking for a new line of employment.

Was he really serious when he called her “queen”?