The fight over critical race theory in schools seems to have become a liberal (i.e., the media) vs. conservative issue, but whenever we check the comments on Twitter, we see both conservatives and liberals opposed to CRT; one woman even called out Vanity Fair for overlooking liberal parents of color in its pro-CRT article.

The same goes for laws banning transgender girls from competing on girls’ sports teams; it’s not just conservatives. There are plenty of liberals who have daughters in school sports and don’t want them stomped by biological males.

USA Today has done an investigation into bans on trans athletes and proceeds from the notion that it’s only conservatives behind the push. Yes, conservatives generally are for the bans, but if you let that color your view of “the science,” of course the evidence that biological males would dominate in girls’ sports seems “vague and untrue.”

Oh no, a conservative legal nonprofit!

Well, there’s your proof right there. She didn’t live near Sioux Falls.

So glad that USA Today examined both sides of the issue.

The situation in New Zealand? Where the female weightlifter got bounced from the Olympics by a trans woman who absolutely dominated?

As we said, it’s not just conservatives.